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Traditional cattle and ecotourism can be combined with the conservation of the jaguar in the Pantanal

The research on spatial correlation of the economic use of the Pantanal was led by Fernando Tortato, a researcher at Panthera Brasil, a member organization of the Observatorio Pantanal. According to the study, it is possible to reconcile the practices of extensive cattle raising and ecotourism with the conservation of the jaguar in the Pantanal. The article was published in Scientific Reports, on November 23rd.

“Our data clearly indicate highly favorable conditions for the conservation of jaguars, throughout the ecosystem, in the Pantanal, since the main economic activity in this biome (extensive livestock) has a very low spatial overlap with important jaguar strongholds. In addition to increasing local income, ecotourism increases diversified economic opportunities at terrestrial and regional scales, and helps maintain both jaguar populations and their habitat,” the authors state in the article.

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Photo: Andre Dib / WWF-Brasil.

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