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The Guardian’s article debates wildfires

The Guardian’s carries a article on wildfires, in which researchers from different countries ask for new firefighting techniques. They claim that firefighting should be the last line of defense against wildfires. Because, with climate change, fires will be increasingly intense and constant on the Planet.

Not all wildfires are bad. ““Fire is a natural process and many landscapes around the world need fire,” said Cathelijne Stoof, an assistant professor specialising in wildfires at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. “Plants need fire to regenerate. Some need heat, some need smoke. A calm, mild fire can clear the forest understories underneath trees so when a big fire comes along, it doesn’t do as much damage to the ecosystem or people.”

In Pantanal, largest wetland on the planet, fire can be an ally, when used in a controlled manner. Brazilian researchers are carrying out research using the Integrated Fire Management technique to see how different vegetations in the biome respond to fire in different climatic periods.

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Photo: André Zumak / IHP

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